The 2019 Coal Creek Literary Festival will be held at Coal Creek,Korumburra, in October

Our Winners in the 2018 Writing Competitions.

Poetry Competition:

Devon, Elizabeth Sweeny

Highly Commended:
The Edge -Katie Fisher
Sea-side - Helen Culjkovic
Til Death Do Us Part- Carol Campbell
Enough- Jane McMillan
Transition - Leanne Neil

Short Story Competition:

Love, Scot Gardner

Highly Commended:
Southern Cross – Vicki Daddo
Lucy – Dena Waters
The Furguson Project – Karen Casey
Housemates – Shirley Buckley
Dictionary – Meg Smith
Second Chance – Rosemary Perry

2018 Sponsors

We present "The Land Between The Lakes" by Randolph Scott in it's entirety, The story was mistakenly mis printed in the collection of stories available on the day of the festival.

The Land Between The Lakes Epilogue

  My name is Bjarni. This tale is a fiction if you choose to believe it. I am The Captain of the MV Solieie out of Akureyri, Iceland, a small country in the Atlantic Ocean. I recited this tale as best I could (and Gudrun) could remember it. Gudrun is my wife. The MV Asta Run, where most of this tale occurred, is at rest here, we acknowledge her every day. Her prow pointed to the open sea, awaiting the Captains return. Free yet tethered, and during the bleak winters, lifted up above the icy waters. She behaves like the lady she is.
Some parts of this tale I only learnt after, as a man, and some as Captain.
I read the Captains journal, so only knew him at the end of our small journey and the vastness of the sea, and the ocean of his memories. The construction and initial sea trials until we first boarded as crew were related from the Captains thoughts and writings. Many things in quieter moments become clearer only after our adventure had ended and his journey continued. We left the ship in Reykjavik.
We kept in contact with the Anzacs, yet we have all not spoken to the Captain since for reasons we cannot explain. The Australians and New Zealanders reached the Geographic North Pole. The MV Asta Run stood off from the GNP - The Captain keeping his word. The teams eventually went their separate ways, little by little, and returned to their distant countries.
The Captain, a few months later, I saw him here, I know he saw both Gudrun and I, but didn’t greet us and he looked the same as always. The Asta Run stayed with a letter to Gudrun, we found the ship open, and we to care for her. It makes us happy - an Icelandic word. We renewed our vows on the ship within our local parish. Funny how things happen. I received word from a shipping agent that the Asta Runs sister ship, the MV Solieie, required crew and Captain.
So here I am. The Land Between The Lakes Epilogue

I never got to see where Siobhan’s Looking Glass was, the Captain said I need not worry. For the Captain told Gudrun that she was Siobhan’s Looking Glass and that I wanted her to be. And he was right.
It is obvious that the Captain treated us differently from the other crew; a chance to give the best experiences without the negative. And never, ever, experience the ice, for no one should let the ice into the house and ship that love built.
In the end, I learnt the Captain had his own Map with which he would view the world; only he knows where the ‘island at the worlds end lay’. And it wasn’t at the Geographical North Pole.
This was done for memory. And memory is everywhere on the Greatest Journey.
Minna I think her name is. His very own Minna.
No man is an Island.

$500 Writers Prize

$500 for Best Short Story

The Coal Creek Literary Festival will be running two writing competitions this year as part of the festival. The main competition will again be the Bert van Bedaf Memorial Award for the best short story. Bert was an integral part of getting the Coal Creek Literary Festival off the ground 11 years ago. After Bert passed away in 2010, the open short story competition was renamed to honour his memory. The prize money was increased to $500 and has since drawn a very high standard of entries.
Past winning entries have been posted on the Coal Creek Literary Festival web site at . The competition is open to anyone with an imagination, a pen and paper or word processing program. You can enter as many times as you like, each entry must have a $15 entry fee.
The festival will also be running an open poetry competition. The Open Poetry competition offers a $200 prize. Past winners in both categories are on the Coal Creek Literary Festival website.
Now entering its 5th year, the Bert van Bedaf award has proved to be a very popular part of the Coal Creek Literary festival with entries coming from all over Australia. Entry forms can be downloaded from the Coal Creek Literary Festival web site or can be picked up from Coal Creek in Korumburra.  Conditions and entry fees are all on the entry form.
So if you have a story crawling around in your head, something Grand Pa did when he was a kid, a weird dream crying out for a meaning, get it down on paper and send it in. It could be worth $500.

Ph: 03 5655 1811

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